Telegram Casino: How Bots Can Make Life Easier

Staying innovative in the rapidly changing iGaming world is one of the keys to success. Providing partners and operators with the most Telegram Casino advanced solutions. So that they, in turn, offer them to their customers – players – is our primary task. The latest trend in the gambling industry has become easily accessible and fast navigation. A minimum of annoying movements. Slotegrator leads. The market by offering its line of games for Telegram casinos .

Telegram is a mobile cloud messenger that has been popular since 2013. Initially, the application was launched in Russia, but it quickly spread around the world. Today, headquartered in London and operating in Dubai. It has grown into a multi-platform, multi-channel app with useful features and tools. That make it stand out from other messaging apps.

Telegram Casino

Telegram was developed using special E2E encryption techniques: encoding information so. That it is available only to authorized parties. Such techniques, for example, are used for military purposes. Simply put, they keep conversations more secure from hacking. It is possible to create secret chats or set them to self-destruct. For this reason. It is Telegram, and not other applications and platforms, that are usually used by news resources. They convey information to the reader directly, without the risk of being closed. Users’ text messages. Their subscriptions, and the bots they use are protected and cannot be monitored or controlled by anyone. Anonymity is one of the decisive factors that determine the choice of most customers.

The application is recognized by more and more people every day. in April 2020. The daily increase in users was 1.5 million people. Telegram plans to reach one billion users by 2022. This messenger is among the 10 most downloaded apps in the world and the most downloaded app in 20 countries. Telegram is constantly adding new features. It allows companies to develop applications based on it. Users can also create channels, stickers, and bots on Telegram.

Telegram Casino How Bots Can Make Life Easier

What is the difference between classic navigation and bots?

Third-party developers can create their own bots, short for “robot”, based on Telegram. Bots are accounts or channels that are backed by AI software rather than a real person. Bots are able to chat, play, search, etc. They can be opened by link or transmitted by users. If the user forwards the message. The name of the original chat is always visible, making it easy to distribute bots.

Bot chats are visually different from regular human chats. Navigation is based on triggers: the user sends a command, message or request. Which is usually embodied by SilverOakCasino buttons. To move to a new step in communication. Telegram bots can accept payments, integrate with other services. Customize notifications, and create games.

The main difference between regular site navigation and a bot is simplicity. While searching for something on the platform can take time. Telegram chats require much less time and clicks to achieve the same results. And it helps a lot to attract new players.

In other words: Telegram casino is a simpler and faster game navigation than a web platform. Another advantage is that it is a more accessible version because it is mobile friendly. Since Telegram was created as a mobile messenger. Its UX has been designed accordingly for easy one-handed use. This means that the casino is available anytime and anywhere, it does not require visiting the platform website.

What is a Telegram casino

Telegram casino is an alternative way to play. Where the backend management system allows you to control all aspects of the casino: notifications and mailings, content, components, etc. And the UX of the application replaces the classic front-end website. The Telegram casino is fully synchronized with the main platform. It allows you to set up bonuses and various payment methods. Telegram casino can be a standalone product or one of the variations of the visual embodiment of the online casino platform.

The user only needs to register using the Telegram bot. Go through all the confirmation steps and start playing! Everything is just that simple, there is no need to open the site page. Look for games, go through a lengthy registration. Thus turning the bot into an application with a clear interface.

Immediately after the first contact, the bot will send the player all the information. Instructions and a list of commands that replaces the site’s navigation menu. Then he will move on to the game selection. Telegram bots communicate with the main online casino platform on a traditional web page. Making the process faster and easier for the player.

How it works

It is very intuitive and easy to understand. The first thing the player sees on the screen is a welcome message. This is the starting point for navigation, or a menu that will later lead to other online casino features. The main menu of the bot will prompt players to check their balance. Make deposits and withdrawals, select a game. Change account settings, ask a question, and even get direct contact – all with one click.

The combination “add funds” will give players access to a list of payment systems and a choice of currencies. Telegram serves as a communication tool between. The game and the online casino platform. Bets, deposits and withdrawals, choice of national or cryptocurrency and payment methods, etc.

Advantages of Telegram casino

Telegram casinos are gaining popularity among operators. Who want to expand their audience: enter new markets or appeal to a new generation of players. This is quite logical, because the presence of a classic online casino. Platform and an alternative mobile version allows you to cover. Different categories of players with one gambling project. So, why is Telegram casino in such demand?

Absolute anonymity – Telegram Casino

Use the potential and functionality of Telegram to ensure secure communication. Your players’ data will remain private. Guarantee your players complete anonymity inside their own portable devices.

No traffic restrictions

Since Telegram provides anonymity. It does not restrict content and does not control actions in the application. It suggests alternative ways of promotion. Another advantage is the wide distribution and global popularity. The messenger. Which definitely contribute to the promotion and entry into new markets.

Low advertising costs – Telegram Casino

Operators can promote their Telegram casino using the latest marketing tools. Some bots can easily go viral, and advertising on social networks and instant messengers costs significantly less.

Flexibility and mobility

The main idea of ​​a Telegram casino is that it allows you to bypass all. The annoying steps that you would have to go through on a classic desktop platform in a browser. Of course, processes such as registration. Confirmation, game selection, deposit and withdrawal, currency selection, etc. have not gone away. But they have become much easier. As UX rules require: give users the opportunity to get what they are looking for in fewer clicks. And conversions will increase.

Convenience and freedom – Telegram Casino

We all know how convenient it is to have everything in one phone: contacts, mail, social networks, instant messengers, documents – everything you need for entertainment and work is at hand. Now imagine playing within one of the applications without having to open a browser or download a special channel. Just open the app you use all the time and start playing.

It is not news that the world of gambling is experiencing serious competition today. Players have the opportunity to choose between online casinos, and the functionality of the platform and its attractiveness can be a deciding factor.

What Slotegrator has to offer – Telegram Casino

Slotegrator is the only online casino software provider that does not focus only on simple text-based games, but offers a full line of iGaming content, including classic video slots. With nine years of experience in the gambling industry, the Slotegrator team keeps abreast of all innovations and trends in the market and offers operators the most advanced solutions.

It makes no sense to discuss the growing popularity of mobile devices, since they are already an integral part of our lives. And our business strategies should not just include this, they should be based on the fact that mobile casinos are a given. When developing your own online casino platform and choosing game content for it, think about the needs of your players and offer them the best.

We have been working with Telegram for a long time and we have a great experience with this messenger. It has proven to be a very effective tool for acquiring and retaining players, which means it has a good impact on revenue growth. We also believe that this trend will not subside in the near future, as the popularity of the application is only growing every year – its potential is obvious. Slotegrator is able to find an individual solution for each gambling project and integrate the Telegram casino as an independent platform with its own backend or as an additional module to the online casino web platform.

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