Best TV Shows That Involve Casino And Gambling

Gambling is like a battle with fate, and the mysterious power. A lucky chance has fascinated us for a long time. Therefore, players often become heroes of TV Shows. There is a lot of famous TV Shows that involve casino scenes and gambling. The most exciting of them you can find in our selection. OG Casino is a great choice if your main passion is online slots and live games with a dealer.

The Gambling Casino

The Casino is an American reality television series broadcast on the Fox network in 2004 with thirteen episodes. Which was mainly shot at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Casino shows the story of two dotcom millionaires and longtime friends known as Tim Poster and Tom Breitling. Who sold their internet startup to become rich. They ran the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino located in downtown Las Vegas.

The show was created by Mark Burnett, creator of Survivor. Although it was canceled shortly before the airing of the last three episodes due to low ratings. If you are a devoted fan of casino and gambling TV shows. You won’t want to miss a bit of this Show. However, Fox Reality Channel’s sister station chose.

Best TV Shows That Involve Casino And Gambling

How I Met Your Mother

How I met your mother is a popular TV show that premiered in 2005. This comedy TV Show is about Ted and how he fell in love. All the troubles begin with the fact that Ted’s best friend. Marshall, suddenly unexpectedly informs that he wants to propose to his longtime girlfriend Lily, a kindergarten teacher. By then, Ted realizes that he needs to put in more effort if he really hopes to find his true love. His friend Barney helps him in these searches – a confirmed bachelor, always with his own, sometimes too much. Opinion on everything that happens, with a penchant for costumes and a sure way to get acquainted with girls. When Ted meets Robin, he decides it’s love at first sight, but fate has something else in store.

As we already mentioned, some TV shows do involve casinos and gambling. And we all remember that Barney has a gambling addiction. The famous gambling scene in How I met your mother is when Barney plays a game known. As Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing (Deal or No Deal). Which nobody can play without the knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

Breaking Vegas: Casino And Gambling

Breaking Vegas is an awesome TV show made in 2005 with thirteen episodes. The show started in 2004 with up to two seasons of intense gambling scenes. A series about people who have attempted to become rich by playing games against the house. Do you want to know everything about gambling and casino? Breaking Vegas shows everything about people who use cheats and tricks to illegally take money from casinos. These scenes continue with different scamming activities like marking cards.

Breaking Vegas has much more than a lot of scenes that portray illegal gaming, there are other interesting things about legal gambling techniques like card counting. Being a real fan of casino and gambling TV shows, you won’t want to miss Breaking Vegas!

Poker After Dark – Casino And Gambling

Poker After Dark is an hour-long television program about poker that originally aired on NBC, which premiered on January 1, 2007. The series was canceled on December 3, 2011, after the criminal case “Black Friday”, which involved a major sponsor of Full Tilt Poker. as one of the defendants. The show relaunched on August 14, 2017, with the appearance of Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, and Antonio Esfandiari.

You are going to find some amazing gambling scenes that you won’t want to miss if you haven’t watched them before. The TV show Poker After Dark revolves around the gambling of poker. In modern realities, it is difficult to overestimate the popularity of poker. This card game is played all over the world – if you love poker, then Poker After Dark is the right one for you. It currently has 7 seasons with 474 episodes.

Las Vegas – Casino And Gambling

Las Vegas is a TV show is a US detective television series aired on NBC from September 22, 2003, to February 15, 2008. Ed Decline, the main character of the series, is at the head of a team overseeing the order of fashionable and fashionable casinos in Montecito, one of the districts of Las Vegas. Together with his protege, Danny McCoy, a former Navy serviceman, and the rest of the team, Ed controls the order in the gambling capital of the world and catches scammers who are trying to cash in at the expense of respectable casino players. So, if you are a fan of casino TV shows, then Las Vegas has all it takes to impress you.


The above TV shows may not be all about gambling throughout the story, but certain episodes make it worth adding among the best TV shows that involve casinos and gambling. After watching these great TV shows, we offer to try your luck at our online casino!

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