Just avoid – Casinoofdreams.com is not worth

I would not touch this firm with a barge pole!!!! Avoid at all costs, as it will only cost you money because they will not pay you when you win. I was sent multiple incentives to play with them, and on the first ever win, they requested multiple documents to verify my account. I accept this is practice, but after accepting I had done this they still failed to unblock my account and pay me out. After chasing them multiple times they are now not engaging in any reply and have sent so many emails without reply. I have even sent them links from the gov.uk website which proves they are acting illegally. I have provided them with everything required (I stopped short of sending un-redacted bank statements from my own business as they have no right) but they should not be able to treat customers like this. I am taking my complaint up with as many regulatory bodies as I can. Just avoid – is not worth your time or effort in any way

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