Facebook, Google and Apple accused of Promoting Social Casinos

The Northern District of California court recently Promoting Social Casinos accepted. An amended complaint from more than 20 plaintiffs against Facebook and other US tech giants. The complainants believe that representatives of Facebook, Google and Apple are involved in. The development of illegal online gambling platforms.

We are talking about the so-called ” social casinos”. Which allegedly do not use real money to play. But, at the same time, in most of these games there is a virtual currency. That users buy for real money. At the same time, funds spent or won.

Social Casinos Cannot Be Returned.

Facebook, Google and Apple are accused of sponsoring Promoting Social Casinos developers of virtual slot machines and other social casino gambling software. OzwinCasino.com The lawsuit also states that Facebook receives 30% of the profits from. The joint gambling platform for advertising social casino applications to users. As well as processing their payments.

Among the key software providers for the tech giants. The plaintiffs named Double Down Casino, Double Down Interactive and IGT, which they say sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of virtual currency for their games.

Facebook, Google and Apple accused of Promoting Social Casinos

In Many Popular Video Games,

you can also buy additional game attributes for real money. But the status of these purchases and their proximity to gambling is regulated differently in different countries. In the US, there are also no clear regulations regarding purchases in games for real money. OzwinCasino.com But in many states, virtual currency in such games is equal to real money, so they are prohibited without casino licenses.

The plaintiffs, who complained to Facebook, Google and Apple. Write that social casinos are addictive, many people have already suffered from them, and such games also contribute to. The development of gambling addiction. The Commission for. The Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries ( CRAIL) has published a plan of measures for state control of gambling operators. The first test will take place in April 2022.

The first operator to pass the state inspection by the Commission will be Limon LLC. Which previously received a license to launch. The online casino championcasino.ua. In total, during 2022, CRAIl representatives will conduct inspections of 26 companies. That have received licenses to conduct gambling business in Ukraine as of today.

The last check will be held by Solo Games LLC. Which received a license to open slot machine halls under. The First Ray brand in the Kharkiv Kiroff Hotel, the Ukraine Hotel in Rivne and the Astoria Hotel in Lviv.

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Recall that in total, 41 licenses have already been issue in Ukraine for various gambling enterprises: 13 of them have receive online casinos. 17 slot machine halls, seven land-base casinos. Three online poker platforms, and so far only one license has been award to bookmakers.

In an interview with NV Azart, the head of Krail, Ivan Rudy, state that the Commission collected royalties in the amount of almost UAH 1.3 billion.

“If we are talking exclusively about license fees, this is UAH 1.3 billion. But we are confidently moving towards the figure of UAH 1.5 billion,” Rudy said.

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