How to Play Online Slot Machines

Slot machines are considered to be the most popular gambling option in both land-based and online casinos. There are a huge number of slots, which largely determines their popularity. We will tell you about the most basic aspects of playing online slot machines: what it is, how it works, where it is better to play, and many other important questions. WinnerzOn offers you More Than Just Playing. With over 2500 online slots from the world’s best providers, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect play!

What is A Slot Machine?

The player pays a pre-determined amount of money (bet) for each spin in the hope of multiplying their investment. Most often, he can hope for a winnings multiplier of x20 (up to 20 times more than his initial bet), but sometimes much more serious amounts fall out – and the initial bet is multiplied x100-x300, and even less often-x1, 000+ (this can happen not in all slots, more on this below). The main point of playing an online slot is to catch those winning combinations, which is not so easy task.

How to Play Online Slot Machines

Types of slot machines

There is no strict classification of slots, but they can be distinguished into two main types: 1. Classic slot machines with one or more paylines and no bonus features; 2. Video slots with five or more reels, various bonuses, free spins, different types of symbols, and other options.

This division is conditional because software developers often combine elements of Planet-7-Casino both types in games or produce unique slot machines. In addition, the machines are divided into groups according to the following criteria:

Number of reels,

Types of special characters,

Types of bonuses,

Cumulative Jackpot draw,

Availability of levels,

The ability to place additional bets and so on.

Themed slot machines

Some topics are in particular demand among online casino players. For example, video slots about pirates, Ancient Egypt, dragons, vampires, and the Wild West are very popular. Users also like slot machines that are dedicated to some particular event or holiday. Especially, they love Christmas and New Year’s games, as well as Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day. The most popular slots at WinnerzOn Casino are: Book of Santa, Dia De Los Muertos, Hot Stuff, Book of Loki, Prison Escape, Roulette Diamond, Troll Haven, Cash Tank, Dice Voodoo, Gemblast, #luxurylife, Diamond Chance, Legendary Sumo, Hot Stuff, Almighty Sparta Dice and many others.

In recent months, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional slot machines with three reels and classic symbols on the screen. Software developers try to meet the demand of players by releasing many new slot machines with exciting features! Explore the new slots at WinnerzOn Casino here.

The most important features of online casino slots

In general, the video slots rules are quite simple. You need to specify the number of lines (if this option is available), choose the right bet size, and start to spin in manual or automatic mode. Have you ever wondered what the rules for making payouts, how unique special symbols work, whether you need to use the automatic mode, or how to increase the probability of winning the impressive Jackpot? Do your research – you can find much useful information regarding those topics (including our blog here). You will find detailed publications with comprehensive information about jokers, scatters, the nuances of choosing a bet, and another important aspect.

Bonus games and free spins

The vast majority of modern online casino slot machines offer a variety of prize draws, bonus features, free spins, equal-chance risk play, and other additional features. These options add variety to the gameplay and make it more attractive to users. Tips for playing online slot machines There is not a single user of an online casino who does not care about the question: Is it possible to win on slot machines? Our experts answer honestly: this is possible in a single session. Any user-regardless of their skill or experience-can win on the online casino video slots. If we are talking about regular winnings, you should choose other games.

That is not possible to win forever. A lot of things depend also on your luck. Besides, the mathematical superiority of the casino inherent in the slot machines cannot be defeated. Over a long period, any slot will produce no more than its RTP assumes. Neither betting systems nor any strategies for slot machines will help to increase the theoretical level of return. However, in many models, the RTP indicator is not fixed, which must be taken into account. In addition, many other nuances help you win more often on video slots.

Hacking slot machines

We do not recommend that any of our readers try to cheat the online casino. It is not worth taking the risk of becoming a criminal for the sake of very dubious success. But the topic itself can be very informative. In the history of gambling, there have been many attempts – successful and not so successful-to get illegal winnings on slots. Scammers interfered with the operation of slots on the mechanical, electronic, and software levels. Some of them even managed to hit huge Jackpots this way, but most of the cheaters ended up in prison.

New Online Casino Slot Machines

Online gambling is constantly developing. Software manufacturers and casino providers follow all the latest trends, use the achievements of science and attract the latest technologies to the iGaming industry.

• Slots are so far the most popular gambling activity, so the most important trends do not ignore it. Developers release models with new unusual features;

Level systems – there are several stages with more favorable conditions at each new level;

Character development – you can “pump” the hero, the same as in computer games;

Virtual Reality – VR slot machines are already available, for which you need a helmet or glasses;

Skills and abilities – the player can influence the outcome of the rounds by making certain decisions.

If you love slot machines and you are a curious gambler, this area is ready to please you with a lot of interesting facts, historical events, incredible legends, and funny myths. Make sure not to miss something interesting!


Many people criticize slot machines for their inability to influence the outcome of the draws, the minimal user participation in the process, and the rather high mathematical superiority of the casino. Opponents of video slots point to the possibility of finding more profitable games to play.

Although these arguments seem convincing, there is no denying the numerous advantages of slot machines that provide them with incredible popularity in offline casinos and online gambling. Not all clients want to bother learning basic blackjack strategy or video poker theory. Moreover, classic gambling entertainment seems boring to them.

Everyone is free to decide which casino games to give preference to. If you like video slots, don’t listen to the critics. If you are a pleasure seeker, then gambling at WinnerzOn Casino will entertain you with many different online slots. Start playing online slots for real money RIGHT NOW!

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